Friday, June 19, 2009

A Short Break

Hi everyone -- today is Friday, June 19. Brian and I are in the Paris area for one day before returning home tomorrow. I have a few more posts on our visit to Ani (right on the border of Armenia) and the remainder of Western Armenia, but will post those when I return to the U.S. on Saturday.

Today, while Brian went shopping in Paris, I stayed in the town of Versailles, where our hotel is located, and walked for nearly six hours around the village, at the Friday market (which made me wish I was here for a few days to buy fresh cheese, fruit, veggies, bread etc. and cook!), and throughout the hundreds of acres of the Versailles palace, including Marie Antoinette's estate. The weather was perfect for this walk. And, my trainer -- Hilda -- would be very proud of me!

Istanbul left its mark on me -- our last evening (Wed), Brian and I went to a restaurant near our hotel, and in the middle of the night "Istanbul's Revenge" got me big-time -- I feared I would not recover sufficiently to take the flight out of Istanbul to Paris -- and, we were both anxious to leave Turkey by that point. But, fortunately, I managed (didn't eat a thing Thursday) and we are now relaxing at the Trianon Palace and Spa in Versailles. What a charming village (if you avoid the thousands of tourists here to see the Palace!)

I'll catch up with the last of our visit -- particularly the ancient city of Ani -- a powerfully emotional visit.

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