Friday, September 19, 2014


I am so pleased that, from September 25 through October 15, 2014, I will have the chance to return to Armenia for the 7th time - this trip includes 15 pilgrims from the United States, and we will celebrate the second anniversary of the opening of the Mer Hooys program in Yerevan.  Leading our group will be tour guide Marina Khatchatryan of SIMA Tours, and Der Mesrop Ash, pastor of St. John Armenian Church of San Francisco.  We will be joined at our anniversary party by Der Vazken Movsesian of St. Peter Armenian Church and Youth Center of Glendale, and board member Barlow Der Mugrdechian.

In May 2014, Lisa Kalustian and I spent 10 days in Yerevan working with our staff and the girls.  We had a wonderful time.  These beautiful girls have come a long way in the two years they have been with us.  They have bright futures, thanks to our very capable staff.

Tune in from time to time and I'll upload photos and stories about our journey through Armenia, Karabagh, and Georgia.  Visiting these historic places never gets old.  It is the cradle of civilization, and the homeland to Armenians.

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