Thursday, May 20, 2010

Surgery #8, here I come!

It's not as bad as it sounds. Next week, I'm finally going to have the tissue expanders removed and the implants put in. I've been living with these saline filled exercise balls inside my chest since February. A necessary discomfort if one wants new breasts after a mastectomy. But, definitely inhumane!

In the past several weeks, my hair has been growing back with a vengeance. It is getting thicker, and very gray (meaning, salt and pepper), but it's HAIR! A cute pixie look that everyone likes, except me! But, for now, it's what it is. Sooner than later, I will go back to a more youthful color; the pixie style may stay. Who knows.

Life has been busy -- keeping busy keeps my mind off of the stiffness in my back from all the incisions. I've been handling mediations, and have presided over 2 hearings, that require me to write detailed written decisions. One decision has been issued - - I'm official! I love the job ... very challenging.

Enjoyed a visit to Seattle a few weekends ago with my brother and twin nephews. We Rode the Ducks around Seattle and went for a little cruise on the lake. Lots of fun -- then, it was home and Aunty Adi made spaghetti for the clan. Had a chance to watch Avatar, too -- great movie, but not sure it was worth all the hype.

And, so it goes -- I am moving toward home plate in the treatment of cancer. And, I am sure now it's all about ATTITUDE. Do what the doctors recommend, and just keep busy. Time passes faster than one expects if you don't let the diagnosis of cancer rule your life!

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